A Float to Remember

I’ve always wondered what it would be like, to go to the Dead Sea and have a “floating experience”. Situated in Jordan, the Dead Sea happens to be one of the world’s most saltiest bodies of water and one can literally float instead of swimming, thanks to the salinity 10 times greater than any ocean. Well, for those who can’t make it there to experience this wonder, you now have an option to do so in Chennai itself, thanks to the sensory deprivation floating tank by Chennai Floats.

Chennai Floats Experience

What is a Floatation Tank?

The tank is in the shape of a huge pod that is filled with more than 500 litres of water mixed with epsom salt(filled with Magnesium sulphate) . Once you get a shower , you could get into the tank for an hour of floating . The heavy epsom salt content ensures you dont sink but rather float on the surface (face up).

Sensory deprivation pod chennai

The floatation tank is technically a sensory deprivation pod. During the time of floating, you actually forget your sense of touch,light or sound. All senses are slightly in a subdued state and you get to relax completely into a deep sub conscious state . This can help to reduce any visible stress, tension and body pains and just helps you to focus better. There are a few things that’s best experienced than telling about it right?

Benefits of Floating

  • Stress relief : An hour of floating can help you to relax completely and reduces your stress . I was told that the cortisol hormone (Stress hormone) is also reduced by the acting of Epsom salt.
  • Muscle Pain relief : Generally athletes recover faster by immersing in a bucket of salt and ice water for the joints and pains to reduce in a rapid way. This floating in an epsom salt base helps exactly in that . However multiple sessions might help the cause than just one single session
  • Sleep More ! If you’re having trouble sleeping, this really helps you to sleep a lot better (esp the deep sleep kind). I found myself sleeping hours together post the session.
  • Skin Detoxification : The salt helps to flush the toxins and gets you a better skin glow. Again multiple sessions could give better effects here.
Sensory Deprivation tank

Comparing with a Spa

The concept of floating in a sensory deprivation tank is something radically new to Chennai or to even India. Though classified under a spa category, this is something entirely different. While a spa gives a temporary relief by a massage on the pressure points of the body, floating helps in both physical as well as a mental level as well.

Sensory deprivation floating tank

Location – Chennai Floats

Address : Abhiramapuram 4th Street, 3/76, Krishna Avenue, Abiramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018


The pricing of floating is comparatively lesser than an actual spa or a full body massage. It costs 2200 for an hour , while the second visit is at 50% off at 1100. If two people happen to go at the same, it’s 3300 for two people (1650/ person).

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