Chitkul Travel Guide

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Chitkul, the last inhabited village ,situated on the Indo-Tibetan border is a must add to everyone’s bucket list. Amazing people, and waking up to the king of the hills watching over you is definitely heaven on earth! Chitkul, though scenic is not a very discovered tourist location, so your privacy and peace is guaranteed.

Chitkul Travel Guide

 Chitkul is 25-30 kilometers away from Sangla, and at a height of 3400-3500 meters, this picture seems the inspiration of many scenery scenes we all have grown to recognize.

How to reach Chitkul?

Well a road trip to Chitkul can be done by taking your own car or public transport. Shimla, is the closest big town nearby, a 10-12 hour journey by road, we suggest taking a bus from Shimla to Sangla, an hour away from here and change buses there. We strongly advise you to drink in the beautiful Mountain air and scenery around you which will clean every nerve in your body

Chitkul Himalayas Travel Guide

On the way, you get to see the beautiful Himalayas surrounding you on all directions, welcoming you deeper and deeper into their folds and into their hearts

You can see the beautiful icy river Baspa flowing along with your road surrounded by pine forests all around, staring at you in all their majesty.

Where do I stay?

There are very few hotels and a guesthouse, here at Chitkul, Boarding here costs anywhere 400-2500 rupees per night, depending on your choice of place. The hotels are all along the river Baspa, and you can wake up to seeing the Nee La range along the horizon, this range is the birth place of the Baspa.

What do I do for food?

Chitkul Himalayas Food Options

Chitkul, though along a river, is mostly a vegetarian village, clean in living and habits, if you’re someone who’d like to go fishing, and/or prefers non vegetarian food, you’ll have to inform your hotel earlier while booking rooms for stay.

How long do I stay there?

We strongly recommend staying for anywhere between 3-5 days, we believe that is how long it takes for the sheer extravagance in the air to sink in and lighten your mind, body and soul!

The village has that air around it, which would force you to rest and take in the beauty around, rather than travel and visit the scenic spots around.

What’s there to see around Chitkul?

Go back to geography class in the sixth grade, think about the various types of landforms, and Chitkul has almost all of them, this means, trekking!

Chitkul Himalayas River

You can trek the hills around here if you are a beginner, no problem!

The houses here are built in the typical style of the hills, with roofs of Slate or wood, the school, though, has a roof of tin, you can spend a day or two, just walking around, conversing with the villages here, who will be some of the friendliest people you will ever meet

You can say hello to their flocks and watch them go about their lives, also, most phone networks don’t work here, so trust me, this trip will be without you looking at your screen.

Also, if you’re into wildlife, be sure to visit the nearby wildlife sanctuary here, the Rakcham Chitkul wildlife sanctuary, to catch a glimpse of some of the Himalayan endemic species

 The Mathi Temple here is a must visit, Mathi is the living goddess of the locals here, she represents the power of the feminine and is said to live in every living creature.

The Kagyupa Temple here is home to the centuries old Shakyamuni Buddha. This temple is an example of the architectural powers of the kings of the old, praising one of the main schools of Buddhism.

The Bering Nag Temple here is unique, how many temples have you seen with domes of gold or temples said to have many precious gems hidden in its folds? This temple is dedicated to Bhairav, a form of Shiva, and his snakes, who are said to protect the lord’s treasures. So, if you visit here, make sure to exercise caution, for these tales are actual ones.

Alongside this, in your travels, you’ll see beautiful spots you’ll definitely stop at for impromptu photo shoots, so don’t wait, book your tickets now!


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