Travelling to Australia post Covid-19? Here is what you need to know before you go

Who doesn’t love to travel? Exploring new places is always thrilling, fun, and exciting. The joy of discovering a new country, a new culture is something everyone should experience. A trip to an international country , esp post covid is something everyone is eagerly waiting for, after the borders are open. . One can marvel at the beauty of finer things if they take enough time out to spend in each place and relish it for a lifetime.

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Visiting Australia

Not only in India but traveling abroad for vacations or studies is also something most people dream of. One of the biggest and most sought-after tourist sites for Indian travelers in Australia.

This stunning country is one of the world’s largest tourist attractions as it sees numerous people visit every year thus boosting tourism and the economy. Of course, post-Covid-19, travel restrictions had been placed throughout the world which is now opening slowly as the vaccinations have started. 

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Australia Travel Post Covid

Most of the individuals were just waiting for the news for the lockdown to lift in different countries globally so that they could travel and explore again! This news comes as a great respite as people started gearing up to fly again.

Australia has also lifted the restrictions on individuals who are fully vaccinated. The first step, then, would be to understand the process to acquire the visa. Most countries are now pretty strict with their visa applications as the threat of COVID-19 is still looming.

There are different types of visas available such as Business visas, Student visas, Tourist visas, Sponsored family visitor visas, etc.

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Obtaining tourist visa for Australia

If one is traveling for leisure, recreation or to visit friends and family staying in the country down-under, one would need to apply for a tourist visa.

To find out how to obtain an Australia tourist visa from India, one would need to be well aware of the travel guidelines and eligibility criteria to enter the particular country.

Obtaining a tourist visa for Australia would take about 21 to 34 days to successfully process the forms. 

Some important things to keep in mind while applying for the visa are:

  • Having all the documents in place for proper submission of the visa
  • Ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account that would take care of the costs during the visit. 
  • Be of sound physical and mental health in order to be fit to travel
  • Have a valid passport and passport-sized photographs. 
  • The application can happen online which makes it easier for travelers to find the relevant information and fill it out 

Be prepared and insured – Having a valid visa is just one part of the plan. These days, traveling in unprecedented times has made everything seem uncertain. The new strains of the virus have made it difficult to plan and book vacation days in advance.

However, this should not discourage people from booking their trips. All this calls for is playing smart and safe. This can be done by resorting to a full-proof International Travel Insurance package that would safeguard their trip without having to sustain much loss in terms of finances, even if the trip is canceled. 

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Obtain a mandatory Travel insurance

Always ensure to get a solid travel insurance before visiting any country, including Australia. Insurance can be claimed for several aspects – loss of baggage, loss of passport, medical and health reasons, missed flights, etc. Claiming insurance on any of these would be ideal in terms of the economic costs and would save one from the additional mental agony one would have to go through in case of emergencies in an unknown country. 

Australia is a continent known for its adventure, architectural wonders, islands, oceans, wildlife, shopping streets, food, and even recreational places. To visit this country would be a dream for several of us.

Ensure an enjoyable trip with all the best attractions; also ensure a safe and secure trip without any complications concerning documents, medical needs, travel emergencies, etc. Read, research and plan before you visit the wonders of the world in Australia!

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